Hard Texas Trail – Matt Chisholm


The girl was a good looker as girls go, and Clay Storm wanted her for wife.
Two ruthless riders from the North also wanted her – dead.
And so .
Clay stepped onto the trail and said: ‘Hold it right there.
‘ The man on the horse clutched the girl harder.
‘Let’s talk this over like sensible men,’ he said – and dived from his horse, his gun already banging.
The horse reared.
Clay levered and fired.
The girl screamed.
A man lay dying in the Texas dust.
This is the second adventure of the Storm Family from the best-selling author Matt Chisholm.


More about the book:
Title Hard Texas Trail
Author Matt Chisholm
Release Date 0101
Formats Epub, Mobi, PDF, Paper
Rating Sin puntuación


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