Because We Were The Travellers – Jack Lasenby


The first novel in the exciting Travellers series — a young adult fantasy story of survival against the odds in a fearful futuristic world.

In a land called the Whykatto, south of the city of Orklun, the sun rises angry in the sky, eats the winter grass and flames towards the western horizon.

As the sky turns fiery, figures appear in the landscape: a boy, limping, accompanied by an old woman. Cast out from their tribe they make the journey alone, away from the sun’s rage, away from the deserts of the north, toward the southern lands.

This is Ish’s tale, a tale of rejection, of survival against the odds, of growing up in an age when much is feared, and few can be trusted. Written by one of New Zealand’s most awarded writers for children and teens.


More about the book:
Title Travellers #1
Author Jack Lasenby
Release Date 2014
Formats Epub, Mobi, PDF, Paper


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