Slaughtered. – K. A. Lugo


The TexterFallen homicide detective, Jack Slaughter, closes the door on the home where his perfect family has been brutally snatched from him.
Moving across the city, he works as a private investigator to fund his own investigation into what happened to his family–who killed his little girl, Zoë, and where is his wife, Leah?Every three month for the last three years, Jack receives a simple text telling him where he can find his missing wife.
There’s a body at each location, but none of them are Leah.
Jack hates missing person’s cases, but they’re his bread and butter.
He only takes the case to find Carl Boyd’s missing wife because the details of her disappearance closely match Leah’s.
He hopes by finding Bonnie Boyd, he’ll find his own wife.
The ButcherFollowing the leads in the Bonnie Boyd case, Jack discovers someone has been killing women all over the city for the last three years, a fact Jack’s ex-partner and still best friend, Ray Navarro, has neglected to tell him.
The city has a serial killer and officials haven’t been able to find a single lead on the person they’ve dubbed The Butcher.
Could Bonnie Boyd’s disappearance be linked to The Butcher? More important, was Leah one of The Butcher’s victims? Could he have gone so far as to murder a child?With every clue Jack weaves together, the more his own life unravels.


More about the book:
Title Slaughtered.
Author K. A. Lugo
Release Date 2018
Formats Epub, Mobi, PDF, Paper
Rating Sin puntuación


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